Davinci becomes strategic partner of Elastic

Davinci, in its eagerness to work using the most cutting-edge technological solutions, has agreed its alliance with Elastic with the highest certification.

Elastic, alongside to its search, recovery and data analysis proposal, will be part of Davinci’s portfolio solutions in the areas of Information Management, Data Analytics and Security.


Safe form of data extraction, from any source and format to allow search and analysis in real time … all this, and much more, is Elastic. The new Davinci alliance that agrees with the highest certification, which will allow to offer the maximum development of the application to customers.

Elastic is an optimal solution in Big Data areas, as well as for Machine Learning, where it allows to identify patterns and trends, reduce false positives and graphically and geospatially represent information and data. This is enabled by the different modules that make up its stack:

Is a solution known and used by many companies, but Davinci wants to optimize its potential and additional functionalities, which in many cases are not yet known:

The objective of the new alliance is to offer, from Davinci’s experience, a new proposal for consultancy, design and implementation of Elastic with a highly qualified technical team.

«Given Davinci’s specialization in search, security and data analysis, Elastic provides transversality in each of our areas increasing the value of our projects, which is strategic across our portfolio,» adds Jordi Rodríguez Mauri, Managing Partner of Davinci.

At Davinci we have been integrating solutions for intelligent and secure information management for more than 20 years. We move at the speed of technological development and provide our clients the most avant-garde offer that facilitates the management of their organization’s information.